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Budapest II, Budapest XII, Lajosmizse, Nagykovácsi, SolymárÜröm




Italcentrum drink shop

Lajosmizse térképAddress:

6050 Lajosmizse, 2 Wesselenyi Street



M-F 8-12, 13-18. Saturday 8-12


Products sold:

Acacia 95 dkg, Linden 95 dkg, Mixed flower 95 dkg



Máriaremete market (we are there!)

Máriaremete térképAddress:

1029 Budapest 3 Hímes Street


Opening days:

January, February: the second Saturday of the month.

Other months: the second and the penult Saturday of the month.


Opening time:

Oktober, November, December, January, February 8-12.00

The other months: 7-11.30


Products sold:

All honeys and anything you ask 3 days before.



Molnár shop

Molnár pékáru térképAddress:

1126 Budapest, 27 Márvány Street



Monday-Friday 6-19,

Saturday 6-14


Products sold:

Please ask.



Nagykovácsi market (we are there!)

Nagykovácsi térképAddress:

2094 Nagykovácsi 101 Kossuth Lajos Street



8-12 every first saturday of the month, except january and february when market is closed.


Products sold:

All honeys and anything you ask 3 days before.



Grocery - Sasz kft.

Üröm térképÜröm térképAddress:

2096 Üröm, 14 Ürömi Street 



Monday to Saturday 6-22


Products sold:

Please ask.




Ínyenc Kredenc 

Solymár térképAddress:

2083 Solymár 48 Rózsika Street



M-F 9-19,

Saturday 9-13.


Products sold:

Please ask.

Online payment

In our Webshop you can order to Budapest.

Our products

To preserve your health, always buy one of the quality, medicine-free and famous Hungarian honeys! If you don't know any reliable product yet, taste our honey!

Products on stock:

HONEY: Acacia honey, Flower honey, Rapeseed honey, Silkweed honey, Sunflower honey, Linden honey,
GIFT PACKS: Nice and handmade
BEESWAX: Wax block, wax decoration, wax candles, wax caps,
PROPOLIS: Propolisz tincture, Honey with propolis.

As we are producers, our stock depends on the actual crop, cold, hot, rain, drought and many other components. Bees are the most vulnerable animals to weather.