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About us

The beginning...

Our father, Dr. Peter Cserenyi started to deal with bee in 1958, when he was a child. Later he became a vet, which brought him closer to understand the bee on biological level, too.

Today he is a widely respected expert, on the basis of both his theoratical and his practical knowledge. He gives lectures and writes articles about bee health, and the "secrets" of our apiculture technology. Furthermore, he also gives presentation in the media from time to time.

The next generation came up, and is going to continue beekeeping. My brother Zoltán and me, István have been working around there since 1996. We also have the knowledge to produce quality and the open mind for product development.



The clean, natural honey is guaranteed by

- decades of professional experience, technical tricks;

- the biological background ensures the health of bee, their protection and the large bee-families. Only healthy and happy bee can produce outstanding quality honey. 

- The quarantee for you can also be our fathers professional acknowledgement, the caring of our mother or their sons inherited diligence.

How does all this come true in our apiculture?

- our honey is tasty and dense,

- no bee had died due to health problems in our apiculture! 

Our honey is not only produced by us, but also bottled and delivered.
Reliable work can only be expected in a family business, so we dont want to change this.

Online payment

In our Webshop you can order to Budapest.

Our products

To preserve your health, always buy one of the quality, medicine-free and famous Hungarian honeys! If you don't know any reliable product yet, taste our honey!

Products on stock:

HONEY: Acacia honey, Flower honey, Rapeseed honey, Silkweed honey, Sunflower honey, Linden honey,
GIFT PACKS: Nice and handmade
BEESWAX: Wax block, wax decoration, wax candles, wax caps,
PROPOLIS: Propolisz tincture, Honey with propolis.

As we are producers, our stock depends on the actual crop, cold, hot, rain, drought and many other components. Bees are the most vulnerable animals to weather.