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With daily use


honey ensures healty body with its enzymes
propolis strenghten the immune system, kills viruses and germs
bee pollen ensures many sided vitamin and protein ingestion.



The origin of honey

The main use of bee is the pollination of flowers. The flowers lure the bee with their own nectar, a sweet liquid. The bee collects the nectar, then in their own organism they transform it. In their mouth they mix enzymes from their gullet to the nectar, then they add some gastric juice, then they keep this mixture in their honey stomach. When they reach home, they fill this liquid int he cell of the honeycomb. It becomes real honey after they thicken it by waving thir wings, so that the water contents is reduced. 

Shortly about the advantages of honey

Honey is the mostly efficient when consumed daily. It increases the capability of resistance, it strenghten our body. To cure an illness, honey itself is not enough, but certainly it is a useful completion. 

- Antiseptic, pain-killer, it has a calming effect – helps to sleep too
- Fights against bacteriums, supports digestive-system, protects and regeerate the liver
- Feeds the muscle by fast absorting, grows the ability to work
- Increase the level of hemoglobin int he blood, which is responsible for the transportation of oxigen, so it improves the oxigens state of supply int he body
- It can be used to improve the heart – and circulatory-system
- Good for curement of cataract, externally for the treatment of wounds
- It can reduce the pollen-allergy when eaten small portion at the beginning, then increasing the amount
- Helps in case of weariness
- After using sauna, you can apply itt o the skin which makes the skin feel silky
- It can be well combined with other food products. It may substitute for sugar in beverages; cakes made with honey keep fresh longer than the one with sugar.

Can this all happen?

Not in the world of medicines, but in nature it can! 

Available types of honey

  • Acacia honey 

The nectar of acacia-honey is collected at the time of acacia blossoming. It is a eal unique product, because in such a good quality and with such professionalism it cannot be produced anywhere else on the world. It is the least crystallizing honey due its high grapesugar content. Its light colour, acacia-smell and its taste (without any after-taste) makes it really unique. 

  • Mixed flower honey

Flower honey is a collective word. It may refer to the honey collected on fields by river banks, although mixture of specific honeys might be on the market with this name too. Our honey supply depends on the number and place of migration of our bee stand. Usually we mix sunflower honey, silkweed honey and rapeseed honey to get tasty product.

  • Silkweed honey

We have the light-coloured, hardly crystallizing silkweed honey. It has some spicy taste. The silkweed plant gives us nectar in central Hungary, nowhere else in Europe.

  • Rapeseed honey 

Rapeseed is grown on large areas. Its the first flower in the year where we can harverst. Ist taste is similar to the acacia but it crystallizes very fast.

  • Linden honey 

A real unique honey. Its taste can't be mixed with others. Softly tart, strong aroma. Excellent for coffee and tea, or just to have with a spoon.

  • Sunflower honey 

We also offer the golden-yellow sunflower-honey, which has a unique and outstanding taste in cakes. We might also mix the above mentioned honey to work out a new taste. Sunflower honey is crystallizing fast, in a few weeks. 

  • Comb-honey 

Comb honey was the first consumed type of honey. The honey is closed in a new, golden-yellow wax-comb, as the bee produced and saved it. The covered comb-honey is cut out of its frame after acacia flowering. The most suitable honey for this purpose is acacia honey due to its matchless smell and its substance. The comb-honey that we offer contains approximately 240 grams of comb-honey that is ideal for two persons delicacy. Attention! Those who are allergic has to take care, since there might be some bee pollen underneath the honey!



Bees suffuse the inside of hive with propolis. Propolis is a resinous mixture that they collect from plants. It helps to keep pathogens away from hive, kills viruses and bacteriums. It has the same effects using in human healing, and more.

It's good for...

  • many types of bacterial and virus infections,

Can be used against many types of skin fungus as cream and against croup as alcoholic tincture.

  • strengthen the immune system

In the winter time it helps to prevent your health with daily use of tincture.

  • speeds up scarring of wounds.

Not only for wounds on the skin but gastric ulcer or inflammation of mouth.

The cream
can be made 50 grams of any cream mixing up with 10ml of propolis tincture. It's advised to use 2-3 times a day outwardly.
The tincture 
is used internally and must be used 15 minutes before meal, 1-3 times a day. Daily amount can be mixed with a tbs of honey, in a drink or dropped on lump sugar. The best taste can be reached with honey...
The dosage depends on your weight and the seriousness of sickness. The usual daily use for a person weighs 60 kgs is 20 drops before dinner.



When the flower lures the bee with its nectar, while collecting the liquid, pollen adheres to their body. After a while, they brush the pollen and collect it to their special basket on their leg. They fly back to the hive and give the pollen to another worker. They add enzymes, organisms and nectar to the pollen than they pack the bee pollen to cells. Pollen makes the glandule of the bee producing royal jelly. Its fed by larvas and essential for reproduction of the bee.


Bee pollen contains a lot of vitamins unlike honey. It has protein that is neccessary for human body.

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PROPOLIS: Propolisz tincture, Honey with propolis.

As we are producers, our stock depends on the actual crop, cold, hot, rain, drought and many other components. Bees are the most vulnerable animals to weather.