If you are interested in exporting honey from Cserényi-apiaries Hungary, please read this first.

Products for export

  • Our exportable products are our honeys. Please ask for price, package and current amounts.
  • Minimal order is pallet amount.
  • Our payment condition is some before and the rest at time of transportation.

What we can offer

  • 50 years of beekeeping experience and high quality.
  • Honey produced with top technology and bottled in our HACCP factory.
  • Feel free to ask at [email protected]


Other products

As beekeeper I always meet good people who are selling great products. I'd like to help you and them to connect. I can forward and translate your questions.

Ground paprika

From one of the most known Hungarian producer, from the famous paprika area of Kalocsa, my friend offers ground paprika in large quantities bulk or also in gift packages.

Online payment

In our Webshop you can order to Budapest.

Our products

To preserve your health, always buy one of the quality, medicine-free and famous Hungarian honeys! If you don't know any reliable product yet, taste our honey!

Products on stock:

HONEY: Acacia honey, Flower honey, Rapeseed honey, Silkweed honey, Sunflower honey, Linden honey,
GIFT PACKS: Nice and handmade
BEESWAX: Wax block, wax decoration, wax candles, wax caps,
PROPOLIS: Propolisz tincture, Honey with propolis.

As we are producers, our stock depends on the actual crop, cold, hot, rain, drought and many other components. Bees are the most vulnerable animals to weather.